Projects for 2023

2023 promises to be rich in projects. After the launch of the expedition last year, we can now present you the projects we are planning to carry out this year!


Orianne Pieragnolo

1/10/20233 min read

Last year was the concretisation of the project and the beginning of the adventure. Because just one year ago, in January 2022, we created the Savoirs-Pierres association with a team of stone cutters and enthusiasts. For La Route de la Pierre, this has been a great support thanks to the combination of knowledge and the benevolence that each member has been able to bring. It was also a very important step for the management of the project. Then, during the year, we had new supporters, partners and patrons who joined the project and allowed us to set up the first events (presentations, quarry visits, etc.) and the departure of the expedition on 10 July. Today, as we are in Hungary, we realise how far we have come and can finally see the horizon of the first results!

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Since last June, we have been lucky enough to have Laurie Galligani as director and editor/mixer of our future podcast. The project was voted on and approved by the members of the Savoirs-Pierres association last September, and the podcast is now being written and will be available for you to listen to before the end of the year!

One of the works that makes up the central point of the expedition. The database consists of material and immaterial information (photos, audios, books, stone samples...) which are sorted, classified and analysed as we go along. Today, Viviane André receives the material archives in France and helps us a lot in their classification. We hope to have soon new tools to start sharing with you some snippets.

This year will be decisive for the expedition. Because around the road and the field experience, the first results will be produced. Since 10 July, we have been collecting data and setting up an organisation between the team in France and the projects. 2023 will therefore be the first year in which we will be able to share our observations and experience with you more concretely through various media.

Looking back at 2022: The launch year


Very soon, the site will have a new page to share more articles and images with you. And, thanks to Estelle Pieragnolo, web developer of the project, we will work together so that this site can host various pages and contents that you can consult. Like an interactive map, access to the podcast, sharing of our data and many other tools that will come along.


The database

The website

Around these, already numerous, objectives, we are also preparing the return to France of the first year, which will take place next July until October. During this period, we will schedule a few interventions to present the project and its progress to you live, but also to have the opportunity to meet you or to see you again! This year, we will continue to send you the newsletter every month, and perhaps even in a new form.

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